Then why do we hear ad nauseum about “illegal immigrant” crime all the time???

The crimes I was speaking of were racial in nature and were perpetrated by local residents on other local residents. The Federal government does not belong there and certainly not the White House unless they are using it as political fodder.

The crimes you speak of are fomented by the Federal government through policies the Obama Administration put in place by telling the Border Patrol to “Catch & Release” including criminals and in other cases flat out told the Agents to NOT DO THEIR JOBS! In other policies, not legislative decisions his highness decided that illegal children who were good students, DREAMERS, could stay and go to college along with their families and displace qualified Americans at taxpayer funded universities. All this open border stuff is flat out illegal and the Obama Administration blessed Sanctuary Cities which basically housed a lot of criminal activity. That ain’t LOCAL HONEY, that is FEDERAL MEDDLING on a grand scale using our tax dollars to PURCHASE Latino votes for the Democratic Party and it needs to by stopped NOW. and as an aside, if you are her illegally, by definition you are a criminal.

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