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The FBI, but you still are going to have to dig, that is all you get from me.

On another note, the FBI under Holder issued a report that stated that legally owned firearms in the hands of civilian’s are used upwards of 2 million times per year to prevent violent crimes and probably more since many instances go unreported since the mere showing of a weapon scare off the criminal. In addition they document that in recent years the cops kill about 580 citizens per year, mostly criminals, while civilians kill close to 1900 criminals per year[if not criminals they are not counted].

Since you did not cite YOUR SOURCES, you get to fish for the individual reports like I and my friends did. My major gripe was not your numbers, but the fact that you misrepresented them in the broader picture and made the picture on crime look the opposite of what it really was from a trend perspective, that is misleading the low information folks and causes the cattle to stampeade and fall for the lies Hillary tells about guns.

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