The Free Market Doesn’t Care If You Live or Die
Paul Constant

The government created the Mylan monster, not the free market. Let’s examine the government’s role when they enter a market place and what happens:

Organ donations: everyone makes a lot of money, but the poor schlub who donated the organ by dying and had no say in where it went, who got it….the government set all those rules, and here are some of the results. The USC medical center[un beknowns to them] did a heart transplant on a Tong member they flew in from China to testify in one of the FBI cases, an illegal alien girl got two transplants and eventually died and her mother refused to donate her organs…your tax dollars and government priorities at work, maybe the organs should have been sold to the highest bidder? Possibly they were, the highest political bidder. Meanwhile, American taxpaying citizens DIED due to politics and misplaced priorities, that is how government’s function, but if my wife or daughter was next on the list and the FBI got the heart for a witness, well I will let you finish that sentence.

Flu Vaccines: Hillary decided during the Clinton administration that they were too expensive and that the providers should have no protection from law suits even though the government provided them the specs and made them rush to market with a virtually untested product….When she started there were about 14 manufacturers; in less than a year there were 7 and massive vaccine shortages for several years there after, pure genius! I am not the biggest fan of some vaccines, but having the government be the arbiter of pricing is not a wise endeavor.

This is my short list of government stupidity, but I forgot the VA where the government shortens their backlog by letting those on the waiting list die. Is this the specter of the ACA better known as Obamacare; chalk Up another victory for the government shining brightly and proving they GENUINELY DO NOT GIVE A SHIT IF YOU LIVE OR DIE, IN FACT THEY PREFER YOU DIE…..IT’S CHEAPER FOR THEM….Check out Obama’s White Paper on Older Citizens and how they consume precious resources!

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