Trump’s unforgivable slander
Ben Wolford

The Koran is the only Religious tome that advocates killing non believers!

The Democratic Convention NEVER mentioned Radical Islamic Terrorism and barely addressed terrorism at all as if it were not a major problem in the world.

To extensively use the mothers of dead children as a campaign theme is despicable and a pandering act, most of the mothers were those of Criminals, two or three were not, one was a war hero. All were there to pander, not illustrate any significantly proven wrong set of acts in our society. To use these parents of dead children as surrogate attack dogs, so the candidate can skate the issue is disingenuous to say the least, and purely Clinton in style. Trump took the bait because he felt these attacks are personal, which in the world of politics they are not, I only hope the Kahns have nothing to hide now that Hillary has exposed them to unwanted scrutiny.

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