Republicans Still Have A Chance to Repeal Obamacare — If They Can Take It
Charlie Gerow

The real question is do the R’s have the fortitude to fight the battle of getting the government out of the health care business and taking away such items as the Cadillac Medicaid plans which far exceed what most of us have, but pay for with our tax dollars. The Dems created the expectations that this would be the norm for all of us in a single payer system which is patently false, since it is totally unaffordable.

The Republican Guvs and Senators signed on to these Medicaid expansions without looking down the road which had nothing to do with the ACA, but are now in the mix since Obama used them to goose the participation rate of those who now have insurance. They trapped themselves and now find themselves supporting the ACA when it is not the real issue…it was the governors largesse.

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