I’m a Scientist. This is What I’ll Fight For.
Jonathan Foley

The WAR ON SCIENCE is being waged from within as the academics and government “scientists” want to be funded so they produce a result that gets them funding, not a result consistent with good scientific methodology…it’s called science for sale, very little ethics involved. There was a study conducted in the 80's that surveyed the top 300 research institutions…10,000 surveys were sent out, 4800 plus were sent back. The key question asked, have you ever altered or fudged data to better fit your hypothesis or make it look better? 85% of the respondents said YES. GO FIGURE. This did not include government workers who are given specific instructions on what to do at the EPA, CDC, etc.

Mr. Foley you sound like a shill for the left and only your side could possibly be correct; It almost sounds like free speech, you get to say what you want, but you get to object to my speech when you disagree…..kind of like global warming, bringing Ebola patients & those exposed in airplanes to our shores when common sense and ethics says treat them in place, having the CDC study Guns as a disease when all statistics already show that legal guns prevent more violence and deaths then they cause, so why legislate against legal gun owners.

Get the government out of the Science business and make it more efficient, effective, and entrepreneurial.

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