Donald Trump — will molest you AND make your life miserable.

The women I mentioned have all defended known and confirmed molesters, and committed illegal acts of their own.

The middle class has been subjected to economic, and social molestation for the last 8 years, as well as had their civil rights suppressed in favor of illegals, had an Administration who spent more time spying on them then our enemies, and presided over a real unemployment rate that still exceeds 20%, since we still have over 90 million able bodied Americans not employed…and it is not all about automation as some would have you believe…it’s about our economic, trade and energy policies that favor foreign interests over our own…ask yourself why foreign auto firms are willing to invest in the US, when domestic auto firms are not?

The real molesters are the ones giving away the store to foreign interests as they fill their own bank accounts, HRC.