Why did committed Remainers flock to the pro-Brexit Labour Party?
Helen De Cruz

There is a management book written decades ago in the US called “The Moose is on the Table.” A moose weighs a good 1400lbs or better and cannot be ignored, but this article managed to ignore the Moose; cultural decay due to immigrants[naturalized and otherwise] & refugees from the Middle East with the advent of seemingly open borders and little restriction from the EU…and one must ask to what end. This coupled with the recent terrorist attacks and the rather lax security by public officials leading up to them. All this was ignored by the author as if it has nothing to do with voter confidence in staying in the EU.

Not one mention of Security, the London Mayor’s bizarrely casual comments as everyday occurrences, lack of security at public transportation centers during major events, and the Prime Ministers’ role in her former job to have these types of security items fixed. And I thought our Media in the US had a liberal slant and could turn a blind eye to many obvious aspects of a situation in it’s analysis.

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