FBI director James Comey says Donald Trump has it flipped; Petraeus case was worse than Clinton’s

There is one glaring error on Comey’s, the FBI’s, and the DOJ’s part that completely neuters any argument that is indefensible; Clinton was NEVER put under oath when interviewed, so there can be no comparison between the two cases. Second, there is more than speculation that there is a second or back up server which has also NEVER been asked about, even to the IT guy who has immunity. There is also sourcing that says the FBI has it or at least some government agency. The idea that there is no back up is preposterous knowing Hillary..she is a packrat of epic proportion; remember who had the White water files that no one could find from the Rose law firm years after the fact, that did not belong to her , but the Firm! They turned up in the White House in the Clinton’s private quarters 3 days after the statute of limitations ran out. There is a server or a set of emails somewhere, she has too big an ego to let go.

Politifact is nothing more than a Leftwing fact bending organization that deals in legalities and legal logic and would probably subscribe to the following from the Manson trial’s first witness:

State your name.

Objection. Judge asks why…. Hear say says the defense lawyer, he first heard it from his mother! Politifact judges by omission and would accept this logic!

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