Why Experts Make Bad Teachers
Charles Scalfani

There is one thing about the teaching profession and experts that also holds them back from getting their point across, they desperately want to impress you with the fact that they are the expert, are much smarter than you, if not the smartest person in the room, even beyond their expertise; it’s like they are not comfortable in their own skin. This attitude does nothing to assist them in communicating with the students and will certainly not draw the student into the subject.

Before getting into teaching at the university level, I was a general and financial manager, and can tell you that many of the purported “experts” talked a very good game, but their expertise was limited to a very narrow range of topics and items, which were not that tough to grasp. A great deal of expertise that is highly touted is procedural and the cost ridiculous, once you have the template, replication is the name of the game as long as you have a few conceptual skills, most expertise is over rated.

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