Trump Admin Is Filled With Financial Predators Who Profited From The Recession
Examining the Hidden Causes of Income Inequality

This is not about Trump.

Where have you people been for 20 plus long years as the mortgages were knowingly handed out to folks who could not afford them [are we to feel sorry for them?], then sold without reciprocity to other financial institutions who did not do their due diligence on these loans[were they not big boys], and then we allow other banks to foreclose and make money on the devalued properties after the original owners trashed the places….meanwhile the Realtors collected commissions on the run up in RE prices that should never have happened because the bankers were giving out loans to unworthy buyers with almost nothing down…

Perhaps if Glass-Steagall had stayed in place and the Clinton Administration had not refocused the FDIC on giving mortgages to poor folks who could not afford them and let them do their job of looking at the risks banks were taking we would not be having this discussion. Then Congress passed legislation that has effectively made things worse for the economy yet still protects big banks.