Of course climate has been yo-yoing hotter and colder for millions of years.
James M. Ridgway, Jr.

To dismiss these folks as outliers is patently absurd since they have done work for some of the agencies and cite others who still work for these government agencies who whole heartedly disagree with those agencies and give factual evidence why….the real question, as was pointed out in these articles, is who is driving the science, politicians and their funding or the discovery process. If you read the article carefully, these folks and the people who worked on the inside of the government agencies and the UN, pointed out the fraudulent and unethical behavior within their data which exists to this day, those are facts, not opinion. Since anyone who disagrees is roundly shouted down or has trouble publishing, disagreement seems to be a death wish within the Climate Change Community, or as the BORG say, you will be assimilated. Politicians are looking for ways to tax us and grow government, none of their programs will ever help us…it will be like gas taxes and tobacco settlements, a good deal of the money never is spent on roads, bridges, and delaying medical costs, it got spent on pet projects.

So as you pointed out, let the government strategically focus on not getting the world blown up and stop spending Billions on what they will never control. If they would stop all subsidies to corporations, stop with the artificial EPA restrictions which do not protect us, and let the price of energy rise to its proper levels, you might be surprised at how INDIVIDUAL AND CORPORATE CONSERVATION may positively impact the use of all forms of energy, insulation, and vehicle use.

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