It is not about who takes the most immigrants and who is in most danger.
Andrea Pino

Tough, we cannot save the world, while we have 94 million Americans not working and give non citizens more benefits than these folks are getting, think again! That is not our problem, and if you are so concerned, go fight for them. WE are not the world’s policeman, we are not the world’s welfare agency, and at this point in time are struggling to take care of our own people.

If you want to personally volunteer your own money, time, and effort to help these people, god love you; BUT UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES think you have the right to take American tax dollars, import who ever you please into the country, and drop them where ever you please; then expect the nation to be ecstatic about it, think again…ask the German everyday folks how they like being over run, the English, and the Swedes….they do not like it, despite what the US press is telling you. In this day and age when you take mass migrations, it is just moving a problem not solving it.

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