To U.S. Empire Apologists: America Is A Terrorist State
Rainer Shea

Trouble is the FCC and the Oligarchs should not have any control over the internet to begin with; that was Obama’s PLAN B, when he was kept from handing the internet over to an international consortium of censors and others who would have turned in to a UN like debacle of bureaucracy and anti US regulation. What you have blatantly overlooked is that the FCC is in the business of limiting competition through licensing, why do you think we have so few cable companies and phone/cellular companies, and you pay so much for them? And the FCC has done a bang up job regulating us into being their slaves. The Oligarchs are laughing their asses off at folks like you who are playing into their hands thinking the FCC is on your side, they are on the side of big government and the big Comm companies…the fact that there are three commissioners willing to wrest regulatory control of something from the faceless bureaucrats of the FCC, you should be overjoyed!

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