The Retail Apocalypse — Retailers Must Embrace These 6 Principles Or Die
Justin Baker

The brand is physical and emotional, just like Apple has made it. The Apple online store isn’t their symbol — it is the giant Apple that shines brightly above the giant glass windows of their retail location.

Trouble is when Apple upgraded my software in my IPhone and it screwed up and my IPhone had a problem that could not be solved by my wireless guy, they said see the Apple Store which was 50 miles away and usually had a wait time of hours…in other words, o not go after lunch or you will not get in that day! Another time they fixed my IPad problem in 10 seconds by pressing two buttons at once after I spent an hour in my car and charmed the gal in the store into taking a quick look. For a company that has a gross margin of over 50% on their IPads and who knows on their phones, they have little regard for their customers’ time, and the very idea that one must come to their store to be insulted with simplistic solutions is nonsense…they have been a master of trendy marketing for a long time, but Samsung a few others are waiting patiently for their premium charges and arrogance to bury their ass like what happened to their computer market. The only reason I own their tablets is they are issued by my educational employer, and my iPhone, although I liked it and had that issue which POed me along with the fact that if you dial 911 you cannot hang up…sounds good until you realize the police cannot get there in time, or you do not want them to misinterpreting your response to the situation!

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