I am so glad you included a few rules here.
Dr Katherine Phelps

Try a socialist/communist system where food is withheld and used as a way to control the citizens or worse. In many exceedingly poor countries even the food brought in by relief agencies is controlled by the local governments military and police forces and given out only to the extent of subsistence or a little more so the people spend their time hunting, gathering and not on worrying about the repressive government. You would be surprised a the food that is wasted or never gets to the people in these Caribbean, African, Central American…nations. Food is a weapon to these governments and leaders!

Capitalism is not the cause the problems you espouse, nor does capitalism restrict production of food or the supply of it; that notion resides with socialist economics and that causes shortages. Look at California and their production of crops…water has been diverted away from agriculture for the last 50 years from the Agricultural Valley to the home building South to dink, fill their pools, and water their lawns compliments of the Feds…that ain’t capitalism, that is the government picking winners and loses in the water lottery … meanwhile, wasting billions of gallons per day on irrelevant fish in San Fran area to keep them in Brackish water when that same water could be used for growing food. That is commonly call Fascism. We in the US still produce enough food o feed a major portion of the world, but the distribution of it and other little tweaks of the government raise the prices…like growing corn to making alcohol to put in your gas, which makes the gas more expensive with worse milage, and agricultural products more expensive since everyone is now growing con to ferment; me I would prefer the bourbon and cheaper gas that gets better mileage!

The governments on a collective basis get in the way by trying to control production, supply, content and let certain companies interfere with the market. It’s not capitalism you need worry about, it’s he bureaucrats and those who want to control the economics, lobbyists and government.

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