Krugman is a post-Keynesian which is very far from Keynesianism.
Jason E

Two items;

I am not concerned with simplistic labels and explanations[your little aptly describes a sophisticated con game], I like only what works, when the government spends money, even entitlement money, it takes away from what could be spent by us on what we desire…and despite what some economists tell you, government spending reduces the multiplier effect since the spending is terminal. In addition, regulations that piled up at astronomical rates during Obama sucked trillions out of the economy that could have been spent on product, regulations are many times not productive. They continue to hinder the economy…it has been the only time in our economic history that small businesses have suffered a net decline for so many straight years.

Your supposition that automation is always a good thing and humans can be given other more “productive and meaningful” things to do. I hate to break this to you, but many folks are incapable of higher level tasks, do not want them, can be done more cheaply by humans, and there are not more meaningful things to do. Some one has to do the dirty work….this is not the Star Ship Enterprise that cleans up after itself. Just like many times using a computer or calculator to get something done is not the right answer….many times it impedes the thought process.