Comey Felt “Mildly Nauseous” After Dooming Planet To Certain Annihilation
Allan Ishac

Unfortunately, it is hard to tell satire from reality in the case of Comey, who when faced with a Hobson’s choice took both; He let criminality walk, as in the facts are still hidden, while at the same time condemned her actions and may have influenced a few votes[had anyone not made up their minds at that point?]. The least we should have gotten was a recounting of all the facts of her actions, which apparently we NEVER WILL, as usual with the Clintons. So Comey may have actually helped HRC avoid criminal prosecution and may have, buy not likely influenced the election, by playing policeman, judge, and jury with HRC, because Lynch & Obama were pressuring him to make the email investigation die, to say nothing f the billy boys meeting with Lynch. This guy is his own cartoon Character, he makes fun of himself by just showing up an making statements that are so illogical, the Cat in the Hat looks like Einstein!