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Welcome to the big leagues honey, when you try and play both ends against the middle and get caught it gets damn uncomfortable. The NJ Rep is also a citizen who has the right to protect himself against those who wish to harm him. You are a hypocrite if you think otherwise. And by the way the letter was to a donar who happened to to work at the same place.

First this person is an officer of a very large Bank, and is also a major player in a PAC , which in and of itself could be a breach of legal ethics and banking protocol.

Second, the PAC is clearly not in the the best interests of her employer, in fact it could be construed as being detrimental to her employer’s interests. Remember she is an OFFICER OF THE COMPANY, not a drone, she represents the Bank everywhere she goes 24/7.

Lastly, as I recall there was a CEO of a major Tech company that was run off by by the Progressive/Left for having private views but never acting on them. That did not seem to bother the same genre of people making comments here, hypocrites!

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