Trump expected to order restrictions targeting Muslims and Syrian refugees
Shilpa Jindia

What everyone had failed to note under the Obama Administration is that the most persecuted religious minorities in these countries were not of the Islamic religion, YET Muslims received literally ALL the visas from our Embassies. This begged the question of WTF was our policy under Obama. So there are really two things going on here QUANTITY which was out of control coming from not only Muslim countries, but South of the border, both for different reasons. But the bigger question in both cases is the QUALITY of the refugee or immigrants which we have been duped into thinking has been taken care of, or we are primarily letting in highly skilled workers which is total BS…ALL of the workers will work cheaper and this goes for the few that are skilled as well. As has been proven time an again, our vetting process is wholly inadequate, meanwhile we collect metadata on every US citizen, WE have misplaced priorities. Perhaps we need to redirect these efforts.

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