We are writing about two different things. Did you read the post.

What I referred to is a Supreme Court case. Get your head out of your ass. Oliver Wendell Holmes is a Famous Justice. In the case there was no sex involved, merely the guy asked if the woman involved if she wanted to have sex….no touching, nothing but a verbal question. It may have been in bad taste, but it sure as hell wasn’t rape. The woman involved described the situation exactly as it happened! Your articles were of no relevance to my post and you need to gain some objectivity and not run with your own agenda when it is not germaine to the subject at hand; that does not get you any points … your articles were interesting and I agree with them, but again were off the reservation of what I posted.

Perhaps you need to pick your friends and acquaintances more carefully and not put yourself in bad situations with flaky people. Find a better class of people to hang out with, whose expectations are in line with yours. I know damn well that the guys I hang out with, that the last thing they would want in a partner would be for them to be unwilling.

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