While Dems Babbled About Russia, GOP Passed Trickle-Up Economics Tax Bill
Caitlin Johnstone

What most of the buffoons writing all this drivel fail to recognize on two levels, and are swallowing hook line and sinker from the hypocritical deceitful Democratic leaders in Congress is that only about half of all families even pay Federal income tax to begin with, so the very idea anyone on the lower portion of the bell curve is taking a hit is patently absurd.

If you live in Cali, NJ, NY, and other such venues and are shelling out $10K or more for property taxes, and are heading that direction for state & local income taxes, you are what Shumer an Pelosi are whining about and are paying more in taxes then most of us do on mortgages….stop with the bullshit, you make more than the rest of us and want to keep your PREFERRED tax STATUS…GUESS WHAT, tax reform has arrived and you are living in a house you cannot afford, driving a car you cannot afford, and generally living beyond your means….suck it up, you are making a lot of money and spending too much, and emulating the government, maybe that is why you support the Democrats or Bernie, you want to spend mine as well.

The other point you are missing is that all those retirement plans out there are dependent on corporate America, and those retirement plans own the vast majority of those stocks and bonds…so if you keep on screwing and taxing and regulating those corporations the Progressives hate so much, it will literally eat away at your retirement nest eggs in the form of corporate plans, 401k’s, IRA’s, annuities, etc. The ELITES do not own majority shares in these institutions, you do; and if you keep voting for Progressives, they will insure you have no retirement aside from what they might choose to give you from the government coffers and perhaps supplementing it being a greeter at Wally World. So lowering the Corporate tax rate is an investment in your retirement folks. That is what the Asshole Dems in Congress are voting against….you and your long term future.