Revolution Is Racist. Populism Is Sexist. Economic Justice Is Homophobic.
Caitlin Johnstone

For this reason, it’s not enough for us to change what we think; we’re going to have to change how we think as well. As long as we can be manipulated, they will find ways of manipulating us. If we’re ever to beat the people who wield the immense power of the establishment propaganda machine, we will have to find some way to become more difficult to manipulate.

What you are proposing is idealist Socialism.

In the hands of a Socialist government that WILL EXERCISE THE CONTROL needed to make it work as they see it, Noam Chomsky describes them perfectly, and you already have the MSM propagandists in place to sell anything they want to do. Look at the Obama Administration where we all suffered inflation through defacto devaluation of our currency on the world market making our goods more expensive to the consumer in a stealthy way…we suffered an $1800 per year drop in spending power for the average family…but the cumulative effect over 8 years is the value of a small car. But the real damage is what Chomsky described, the new Establishment began to withhold information of their corruption and the Propaganist press went along with it…the prime example is we had an FBI Director who investigated and found corrupt practices with the Russian Uranium deal. The FBI had a Whistle Blower who they have forbidden to let speak to anyone about what he knows AND THEY NEVER BROUGHT ANY OF THIS TO LIGHT prior to the deal being sighted off on, and now we find out Uranium left the country without an Export License. The Man in charge of all of this, Robert Mueller….The Man in Charge of investigating the Russian link to our recent election, Robert Mueller. Others involved and knowledgeable, the guy who picked Mueller to be Special Prosecutor. We have given Mueller a shovel to look in everyone else’s graveyard, but his own.

Socialism does not work, your idealism is great, the smaller the government the better the result. If you think Bernie would be better, just look at what his wife did to that University in Vermont that he ignores, bur she took the money a ran with.

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