I’m Sorry Mr. Zuckerberg, But You Are Wrong
Rick Webb

What you are suggesting is that Z-Man and Facebook take on the role of social censor if they disagree with your thought process. I believe a good portion of what you already read and hear in the media has already gone this route by what they choose to report a and more importantly what they do not report. It’s called media bias and is very real when you have The Clinton campaign colluding with NYT reporters on questions being asked by feeding them to Hillary in advance. Now You want an open forum platform to openly censor anything he disagrees with. This is what I love about liberal prigressives, YOUR FASCIST TENDENCIES TO RAM YOUR INTOLERANCE at the rest of us to get your way.

The reason the “marketing against Hillary” has been going on so long is that most of it consists of self inflicted facts based on her own actions over years of intolerant behavior on her part. She is a target rich environment.

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