This is garbage.
Teo Senni

When a “trade association” gets the government to start telling people what is “organic”…..ALL IS LOST…WE NOW HAVE AN ORGANIC LOBBY … it has become another corporate scam where there is now a thin line between organic an regular food where once the line is crossed the price is monumentally different.

I was surprised to find that much of what I bought in the supermarket over the years has been moved to the “organic” area….who knew…my tastebuds, eyes, and hands knew a long time ago, it was the good shit as Carlin used to say, I did not need the government to sanction higher prices for the Marketing Assholes and Labeling Freaks so they could over charge me. I am still unconvinced that the vegetables at these places are any better for you or taste any better [as some of my friends say they do]… my friend the government inspector said so? Really? And then we get to what the PGA, cows, and chickens ate….over the years I have specifically noticed that a lot of chicken has almost no flavor regardless of which aisle it was purchased in!

Maybe you should stop taking the government word for things…there is something in this world called the smell test…mostly a government certification does not pass.

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