Ol’ Jacque himself advocated limiting the world’s population to a much lower population than now…

When I see an article like this where keeping a population of animals under control is literally a tour de force of name dropping of different organizations rather than a compendium of facts, it becomes highly suspect that the author is merely just smearing who he put in the title and headhunting an organization without adequately justifying it.

And then we have the commenters who start quoting families who are supposedly great friends of the Animal population, and when I point out they are elitist bastards who think the human population should be kept in check by rather brutal, systematic, and govenmental means; you think it’s not relevant! Don’t shoot the bears, but it’s OK to euthanize the humans?

A strange thing about the organization the author and some of the commenters are so up set with, they train more young adults and adults in gun safety than any other organization in the US, which is what Progressives want before you own a gun. It’s one of their primary purposes!

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