How Donald Trump Hijacked the Authenticity of the Web
David Weinberger

When I see articles like this, I always wonder why the author does not look at the candidate they revere, through the same set of lenses, or with the same logic before writing the article. This would save them a lot of embarrassment and humiliation when they find their candidate is the root cause of guys like Trump and Sanders, who were created by the corruption and Elite Establishment types who demand the PC niceties to hide their deceit and ruthlessness that have been ripping off the citizens for decades. Hillary would sell the National Parks to a Middle Eastern Oil Barron for the right donation to the Clinton Foundation so they could put up condos depress the price of our energy, and put her face on Mt. Rushmore.

Hillary and Bill have been playing at “attack dog” politicing and destroying people using surrogates forever, and this author wants to bring back politically correctness on the Web, when the Clinton’s have been using Wholesale destruction as a way of life? Where has this person been, under a rock or in his mother’s basement in a “no Micro Aggression Zone?” The Clinton’s and Obama’s cannot get through a speech or news conference without mocking or insulting someone…now that they have met their match, they are petrified. What gauls people like the author is that the folks do not particularly care what Trump’s ideology is, because they can see he thinks more like them and says what they are thinking. Frankly, we are enjoying the spectacle of the Establishments of both political parties and the press squirming and looking silly and stupid. The folks are sick of the STATUS QUO, and we know it may hurt all of us a little to get out of the mess we are in, and we do not care, because the train we are on is taking us to a bad place economically and socially.

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