From America’s Healers: A Letter to Our Patients in the Trump Era

When I was growing up, the Drs had the nicer houses in the neighborhood, now the people who signed this document do not live in my neighborhood and we rarely see or socialize with them. business owners used to own the nicer boats at the boat club. Now the Docs own all the big boats, houses in Aspen and the Bahamas, or the local medial equipment companies…now because the insurance system that made them rather well off, no longer suits their moral compass, they want the tax paying public to pick up the tab of those less fortunate than us.

I also did not notice a section in this diatribe against “big pharma” and their own medical reseach portion of their profession for not doing CURES vs putting the general population on MAINTENANCE MEDS forever…but that would not benefit them nor the pharma companies that pay them.

These are the same Docs who extoll the virtues of a socialistic ACA bill that is a virtual tax on the middle class to give them More paying patients(through higher premiums), yet I did not notice them giving up a dime of their well into six figure incomes and moving back to live with the “unwashed” like us they so gallantly claim to want to serve.

One only has to remember that almost all who signed here make well into six figues plus or will, don’t want to live in your neighborhood or socialize with us, are one percenters, liberal, and what they advocate will use your money not theirs, or they haven’t thought out the unintended consequences, which would be typical of the elitist thought process. What they might 've fogeting is that once the government camel has its head in the tent their freedom to practice will suffer as much as our treatment…look at the VA as the prototype.

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