How being a refugee prepared me for life as an entrepreneur
Yashar Nejati

When it comes to anything governmental, Canada is a predator. I have been a finance guy who extended credit to Canadian companies and found that Canadian banks have the right to call loans without benefit of a court and then will lie to foreign vendors to get them to ship additional goods while they start to dismantle a company…It happened to my company and the banker lied to me about the condition of the company. They also skew their medical system toward the young which is why you see so many of their Seniors cross the border for certain care and literally ban over 300 types of medicine because they cannot get the “deal” they want from the manufacturer…as in the Canadians do almost no R&D of their own and let the US bear the overhead so they can then negotiate lower prices since they are a small secondary market in medicine. They also will not take lower skilled workers since they have enough brain dead hockey players of their own to fill those jobs. These great Canadian progressives play hardball with governmental money and who they let in their country when it comes to diluting the labor pool and the possibility of handing out welfare to the new arrivals for extended periods.

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