A Plan for Baltimore Journalism
Dave Troy

When one is a customer, the hidden question they are asking themselves about the product or service before they buy it is, “WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME?” Seems this question is not being answered very well in todays journalistic world by many of the managements of any of the news medias. Some have tended toward entertainment, some toward shaping their consumer’s opinion, some toward limiting what they show the consumer….they all have an agenda and it does not seem to be objectivity; after all when the press as a whole has ratings in the range of used car salesmen and Congress, expecting anything but slanted reporting at any level, especially after editing, would be fool hardy.

Now we get back to the question that is not on your list:

Who is the Target Market[READ CUSTOMER], and what can you provide them that they want information wise & in what format[WHAT’S IN IT FOR THEM], and last but not least how can you monetize that flow of information[REVENUE, even non-profits have to have cash to survive]. No offense, but the rest of your list is a bunch of tactics that come after these strategic questions are answered.

Good luck!

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