In Defense of Banning The DiDi Delgado from Medium for Advocating Violence Against Cops
Traditional Tradesman

When someone is advocating violence, especially when it is based on debunked ideas and falsehoods meant to inflame ignorant people who may not know all the facts, it is no longer protected speech…she is screaming fire in a crowded theater…if she had said a specific name she would now be in. And most certainly off this site…the real harm here is that there are those who are susceptible to her rhetoric who are ignorant of facts that will be influenced by her. Will one article sway them, probably not; will her articles coupled with Sharpton’s speeches, the Mayor of Baltimore letting rioters burn cars and pillage Black & White businesses with impunity, BLM spewing incorrect allegations & using criminally violent thugs as their examples of police brutality, all contribute to the youthful mind set that it becomes OK to brutalize all Police in retaliation for a perceived behavior carried out by all cops, but is really a minuscule minority of cops. This lady is IN EFFECT recruiting terroristic behavior against police. If she were recruiting actual terrorists she would’ve be gone a long time ago, on a no fly list, and probably under some type of surveilance.

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