Medium’s Membership Deal: All I Can say
Mike Essig

Whenever you are offered the ability to purchase exclusivity, you are obviously NOT ONE OF THE INSIDERS.

Since Medium failed to define what you were going to get and where the your money was going, that makes me skeptical, so what else is new. But practically speaking, look at the outlets they that they universally “recommend” and that might give you an inkling as to who will get the money. I think you are looking at the monied version of Facebook’s Algorithm on what news they gave their customers[personally I do not believe there was an algorithm, just a bunch of left wing young twits with vague instructions]. The fact that I have to wade through Think Progress articles which are factually inaccurate yet recommended by Medium and during the election Hillary’s organization was given space is bizarre on its face…and on another note why do you let [almost exclusively] left wing authors to publish controversial articles and let them not show responses; is someone afraid the responses may debunk the opinion? Like it or not that is censorship which is allowed, and with exclusivity it will get worse not better.

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