I presented substantive sources but you ignored them.
Susan Michaels

Why do you and Politifact ignore the FACTS that the people who were present at the time were NEVER INTERVIEWED[and forbidden to talk] and the GENERAL who was in a position to help was thwarted in his efforts. Your idea that OMITTING PERTINENT TESTIMONY AND PEOPLE IS OK and somehow an objective display of governance. The main reason these hearings went on so long is Obama’s and Hillary’s STATE DEPARTMENT WERE AND TO THIS DAY, have been totally uncooperative on the Libya and the Email situations. Of course there is politics involved, but when close to 50 people involved are not allowed to testify, do you think that is NOT POLITICAL? The article you cited was selective in that it only worked with the facts at hand, not ALL POSSIBLE THE FACTS, which may likely have shown a totally different picture, otherwise, why would State and the Administration be so adamant about withholding the information…this is not a National Security issue, it’s a Democratic Party embarrassment issue, especially when you consider they lied about what caused the situation and Americans were killed, possibly needlessly.

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