The Hillary Doctrine.
Don Jefe


Get a government Position

Exploit it by brokering deals for favors such as WhiteWater land deals turning above into a 1000% profit in less than a year

Broker deals and having Bill give $30o to $500K speeches and collect Clinton Foundation donations for State Department favors

Does that about cover it.

I should pay homage to what she did have ghost written since she obviously does not believe it….as above, she takes money from every Middle Eastern Gowned misogenist who refuse to educate women, let them drive, let them dress properly, mutilate their bodies, and otherwise degrade them and has the nerve to write this book. And has as her prime advisor a woman whose mother is one of the prime women in the Muslin Brotherhood, bet that did not make the book. OH, and did Chelsea EARN her $600k position at the Clinto Foundation, I heard the audit did not go well of the books she was supposed to be keeping.

Oh and Charitable Foundations are supposed to distribute their funds to charitable causes and the Clinton Foundation has only spent 20% of their funds mostly on administration and boondoggles they contend are. charitable…mmmmm. The rest is still in the coffers, wonder when that will disappear.

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