The revolutionary invention of jet engines in today’s and future travelling
Dimitra Spathara

You are are one of the few who have rightly pointed out that electricity is a secondary energy source that comes from such items as fossil fuels or turbines turned by water or wind and that alone introduces a measure of inefficiency where there is a loss of energy as this process takes place which is significant. The other problem with electricity is that when transmitted there is also a loss which becomes rather significant.

Now on to the philosophical side of travel. We as societies seem to have forgotten that speed is not everything. I for one, at my age, still ride a motorcycle, and ‘the ride’ is half the enjoyment of getting there. A professor of mine a long time ago pointed out that traveling by train was the last ‘civilized’ way to travel, I tend to agree. Sometimes speed and technology are godsends in helping toward our destinations, but when coupled with everyday economics can turn flying into a long subway ride on an August day [and if you are tall bring your napricin for post flite aches], especially when the government petty bureaucrats [TSA] lord their quaintly ineffective rules over us starting at the drop off zone in the street.

I love trains when it comes to hauling freight and passengers efficiently and effectively. For over 50 years the US government has been subsidizing the trucking industry and effectively destroying the rail system and in the end costing consumers billions in costs. Small towns are now without rail lines and Spurs and in effect helping cause their demise. I once as the General Manager of a Lumber operation in a small central Pennsylvania town and paid to have our rail siding repaired which kept our spur in to town open and allowed us to load rail cars of lumber…I paid it off in 18 months, because I not only loaded my lumber, but that of the competition and several other companies in town to keep their freight costs down[in & out], RR hated me, the locals loved the siding, since I let them use it for a small fee.

I love technology, I just like to see it used for positive purposes and not perverted by government and corporate bureaucrats. After all I was one of the first rh negative babies to live because the Dr. was up to date on their science.

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