I’m not going to bother getting into the tweaks that are needed for the ACA, or the sabotaging the…
Victoria Lamb Hatch

You are asking me to improve upon a transfer of wealth tax scheme, not a health care bill. The ACA taxes businesses in the healthcare field which made their products more expensive, made insurance more expensive for the bulk of the population for services they did not want to subsidize the less fortunate[basically a hidden tax to transfer wealth], requiring the young and the healthy to purchase insurance at exorbitant rates they do not need, and then the Employer mandate which even frightened the hell out of its birth father enough to never implement it. I refuse to even attempt to polish a turd. And the new version is not much better, it’s just been in the sun longer. I like neither.

I would prefer to see every individual have their own policy so I am not subsidizing the guy down the street with 5 kids, his personal responsibility not mine. I think it grossly unfair to have single folks or married folks without kids subsidizing families or other groups [I am not talking about medical risk groups]. Let people buy the coverage they want and risk what they want. Perhaps the only needed coverage should be Catastrophic coverage….just the idea that Medicaid folks have better coverage then most insured Americans is a travesty, I call it “hangnail” coverage. The right to healthcare is not a right to a Cadillac plan but a right to a major calamity[catastrophic coverage]. It is time we got over this notion that we have no personal responsibility for ourselves.

Somehow we need to get competition back into the insurance business….what we have now is a cycle of pay the vendor, raise the rates. Or have the government get involved[regulators] and lobby the rates higher for the private customers. Zero incentive to compete. That is why there should be no group insurance, only individual policies…all 350 million of them. And cash customers should get the lowest rate not the highest one as is the current business model of our healthcare providers…scumbags that they are.

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