Yes. Obama single-handedly brought back the 60s.

You are correct in the sense that many people harbor these feelings of racism from their upbringing or cultural background on both sides of the ethnic barrier they perceive. However, these feelings can be tempered and broken down by positive experiences and interactions. Especially if we have leaders who promote them and set a great example by their actions and words.

My point was Obama played upon peoples’ irrational fears, especially Blacks, and encouraged them in subtle and not so subtle ways to “act out” using the mob mentality to get what they want. Unfortunately, this only provokes a NEGATIVE reaction from those who would normally be sympathetic. Obama and his surrogates, like Holder and the Sharpton’s of the world, instead of using fact finding, rationality, and restraint to calm the situation until the the facts are established, Obama uses these situations to GEN up the negativity of the situation and divide groups vs bring us together to find a solution. He rarely if ever uses CONSIDERED JUDGEMENT[he is the President & should be above the fray]; as in standing back and from a situation and then helping everyone to a POSITIVE conclusion that unites us afterwards. In other words, his LEADERSHIP skills suck; he uses these events to suit himself not the nation. I am giving him credit, but in a different way then you were thinking…he should be a fireman, when in actuality he is an arsonist.

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