Legal actions have motivations so what you said makes no sense.
Benji Lampel

You are not required to explain legal actions was my point, you are substituting your judgement which is faulty, since Trump cannot stop the investigation, and this was stated by the acting FBI Director today at a Congressional hearing, and I am sure he was well aware of that, when he fired him…there was no good time to fire this guy; doing it immediately would present more chaos and political fodder in the middle of picking a cabinet, it was wiser to wait.

As for your analysis of that a law is what a judge says it is scenario; that does not work on the the circuits on the West Coast where they are reversed close to 70% of the time, that is better know as incompetence; Sotomayor was reversed 65% of the time when she ruled individually, the fact she sits on the SCOTUS with a record like that shows how negligent our Senate is. The constitution makes no provision for judges making law by the way, just negating bad ones.

Lastly, there are few people whose words mean much to me, I judge people primarily on their actions…after 8 years of Obama and 4 or 5 Pinocchio Awards by the Liberal Media, tolerance for politicians running their mouths and giving us misdirection is an everyday occurrence. Right now all I know is we have the lowest flow of illegals coming across the border, the rise in the national debt is slowing, Federal employees are not being hired at an ever increasing rate, the rate of federal regulations has come to a low ebb, business confidence is better…frankly the hysterical press mean nothing to most of us since their credibility is worse than the Congress. Political speech is by its very nature cannot be trusted, because the people who say things cannot control the outcomes…so I wait for actions, as an example, Trey Gowdy is the darling of the conservatives, personally I think he is an Establishment asshole who says a lot of tough things, holds hearings, but in the end, sounds great to the right, only votes with the establishment to feather his future, and accomplishes nothing…

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