What the Hell is Wrong with the House Democrats?
Steve Phillips

You assume all who are Democrats are not racists…most likely a false assumption. Let’s take the Obama/Hillary contingent who seem to favor welfare and entitlements over jobs and opportunity for their minions as a disincentive to look for work and vote Democratic, high minimum wages for lackey no nothing jobs so people stay trapped in them but loyal for having gotten the raise, and the race baiters like Sharpton who benefit from this governmentally suppressed class of minorities. Now let us switch to the minorities themselves, in study after study, it is the minorities that test out as more bigoted then the WHITES who are always given that label. Blacks as a group are shown to be the most bigoted, followed by Hispanics, Asians…with whites showing the least amount of bigotry toward their fellow man.

What this putz is selling is overwhelming the white population by out producing them in the baby department…What is he going to do when his highly educated white buddies who are in control of the levers of power will not give it up or better yet what happens when competition among the minority groups gets so great, the old SPECIAL INTEREST POLITICS OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY breaks down into warfare between the groups as a power struggle. Me thinks we are seeing the beginnings of this as the various people and groups stake their claims to power as even he describes as, he is asking “why not us,” does he think every other minority isn’t thinking the same thing…let the games begin. Meanwhile I hope the Republicans stop trying to give things away and meerly create an economic atmosphere where we can create some jobs for everyone, and enjoy this freak show.