Charlottesville and the Charade
Katherine Casey

You claim to be an “educator” yet you are preaching to rid our society of our President who was recently elected. You seem to be telling people of all stripes about their “rights”, but are forgetting to educate them on the responsibilities that go with those rights, as in respecting other human beings. I rarely have problems with policemen or Prison inmates, because I treat them both with the same amount of respect due a human being regardless of their size, color, looks, or attitude. You would be surprised at the positive results you get, even from the assholes. The reason most folks have a problem with others, is they demand their rights while trampling on the other guy’s rights and then cannot under stand why they end up face down in the dirt with handcuffs on! As with the case of Philando Castile, read the testimony of the expert witness and the tapes from the scene, he NEVER said he had a concealed carry permit, he said he had a gun, and the cop said not to reach for anything three times, which he proceeded to do, exactly where the gun was located…the cop should never have been taken to trial! Mr. Castile was an idiot who simply disobeyed simple commands, and it was not a racial issue, as are most things that are made into racial issues…they are decisions that were bad choices. You as an educator need to emphasize the need to make good choices about actions like picking your friends, where you go with your friends, where you hang out, when to move on and take up new interests in your life, and set goals for yourself that stretch your mind.

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