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You fail economics and listening all at once. Hillary wants to fleece the middle class[taxes] and give to the blacks, Hispanics, and Middle Eastern refugees she and Soros want to flood the country with, which will further screw the middle class from a cheap lamp point of view; while letting the Wall Street elites reap the benefits[look at who donates to her]. Her policies create less employment for all including the minorities who she claims to want to help, in other words another government plantation for them. Trump on the other hand wants to stop the flow of cheap labor, lower taxes to spur the economic growth to get the economy moving and get people REAL ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY. Of course that may be a shock to the welfare state but oh well. Maybe his secret plan is to sic C.Christie on Soros, wouldn’t that be a sight to see.

And Hillary is a Margaret Sanger Progressive which is the worst kind of BIGOT there is, holding down the undesirables through abortions ala Planned Parenthood locations in the “unwashed” neighborhoods, while pandering for their votes and actually doing nothing for them, but keeping them on the welfare plantation.

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