Canada’s Single Payer Healthcare: The Pros and Cons
Jacob Quinn

You forgot some very salient points that are not well known and will be denied…

The Canadian system is skewed to the young, if an older person as in over 60/65 is taken to a hospital from an accident and a young person say under 30, they will not receive the same care level if the situation is life threatening or of a very serious nature…even if the younger person is in poorer health than the older person; here we go with the one size fits all routine.

Second, the Canadian Government negotiates with vendors/drug companies from the perspective that they WILL dictate pricing, and since they are a secondary market [basically the size of California] many of the medical folks go along to some extent. But when it comes to newer medicines that does not usually happen and if they are expensive, Canada does not pay and they are not available…over 300 meds are not available up there.

These are the reasons you see primarily Canadian Senior citizens cross the border for various treatments.

Another issue is immigration where the Canadians are totally brutal in that you always see higher skilled folks get visa and only for jobs that are needed. If you are low skilled, you are not getting into Canada to flood the system. Their ratio of immigrants to citizens is much lower than the US.

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