“A long time ago, refugees fleeing their home country’s hostile political environment headed west…
Al Black

You forgot the socialist piece of the story where when they got here they were supposed to COLLECTIVELY farm and hunt and build; but instead there were a lot of malingerers who decided to let others work, stole from them, did not do their fair share and literally caused many to starve to death and things did not go much better the following year until the leadership divided up the land and told everyone they were on their own and could trade among themselves after they had something to trade. This was also in the leaders notes, but historians left that out. Welcome to capitalism which finally got everyone on the strait and narrow as far as surviving.

And let us not forget that the native Americans at times were peaceful, but not always, they had a nasty habit of eliminating those they had no use for….did it ever dawn on you that there are many tribes we know about,have their relics, but disappeared….guess what they were eliminated by another tribe, blood thirsty little buggers that they were. There is a lot fairytale history out there to be debunked.

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