There was a big article in Vox either yesterday & today — thousands of words detailing how Clinton…
Amy Sterling Casil

You have described a whole class of charities that exist because the government once again got involved due to taxation of organizations [they forget that only individuals pay taxes in the long run, not corporations or other entities], and defined charities/nonprofits/foundations as those who “only spend” less than 25% on overhead/expenses and use the other 75 to do good with to maintain their tax status. Many of these simply collect money and redistribute it to other do gooders and take their 25% off the top…United Way, Susan B. Koman… They are not charities at all, but exotic collection agencies with some very nice jobs at the top the soak up the 25%. Then they give to other do gooders who lost have overhead and the beat goes on…it’s big business without stockholders folks and very little accountability. Why do you think every rich family and person has a foundation to do their bidding and their are so many non-profits running loose, including a lot of religious organizations; many own lots of nice real estate they pay little or no tax on.

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