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YOU HAVE DISCOVERED NOTHING NEW. The deterioration of loyalty to employees by corporations, governments, and yes even organized crime has been going on for over 30 years, primarily due to greed at the top rationalized as “but that is what the Market for those guys demands.” Really, at the high end, name me decisions that top officials make at corporations that make them worth $3 to 5 million plus bonuses at 3 times that level, pure BS and golden parachutes worth more, please. Where did that money come from, the Middle managers who used to have a reasonably nice salary a decent bonus if you made budget, and worked 45 hours a week and were paid for their thought process…in the late eighties they took away their admin assistants, gave them a laptop & a portable printer and you now did both jobs and your bonus was now based on 5 other people and most times not very collectible. Jobs in the 80's began to be given to younger less experienced managers who thought they were getting a great deal and now worked longer hours doing more clerical work, making worse decisions, and then upper management to this day has not figured out why their ROI is not up to par, it is not the economy, its the management stupid, as in no loyalty, you got rid of all the experience in favor of youth. The mafia used to pay lower wages,but if you got caught, the wife and kiddies got a stipend while you did time. No more, money got sucked to the top, the street dealers are now on your own, and if caught, Oh well. Same in Academia, the full time Profs are on easy street with good salaries and benefits while 70% of all classes nationwide are taught by Adjunct Professors[many of whom are very good] who have no benefits and are paid a third or half of what full timers get for the same work, but remember no benefits or union representation complements of the unholy alliance of the teachers unions, college administrators, and state legislators…the administrators and full timers keep the goodies for themselves. ARE YOU SEEING THE PATTERN HERE OVER THE LAST 30 YEARS YET. This started with ERISA in the late 70's and is now being reinforced with the ACA encouraging more part time work. THANK THE GOVERNMENT NOT UBER. EVERYTIME THE GOVERNMENT THINKS THEY ARE HELPING US THE UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES BITE US NOT THEM. The government with it’s regulations is basically eliminating benefits and reintroducing the sweat shop mentality among employers.

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