About the employment problem — first, field work (harvesting crops, for example) is not is not…
Maya K. Bohnhoff

You live in a dream world, I have been hearing the phrase, ‘no one will do those jobs’ since I got out of high school in 1966. Then I went to college and saw all the immigrants in the grad schools who were there to take their educations home to help their countries prosper and later found out they preferred to stay and work for subpar wages since no they were not suppose to be here, but eventually got a green card due to lack of skilled Americans, of course, the spot was given to a foreigner who now was working for a lower wage. The foreign worker argument is hollow as it always has been. LaRaza probably has many decent members; however, when their money is poured into such secondary organization such as MEChA which is clearly antiAmerican and actually rejects American citizenship in favor of keeping you original citizenship while demanding a Chicano/Azteca nation[It’s starting to sound like a Hispanic Caliphate]. These are then propagated on campuses as student organizations and recruits new members from the students. Want more subversive activity. This is not being proud of your heritage, it flat out racism of the worst sort. When this spills over into encouraging illegal immigration to support their agenda, I draw the line. Do I be live in treating people harshly, no. Do I believe in housing the world, again no, that is why we have immigration policies and borders, otherwise it’s called anarchy. If that is where you want to live, welcome to the annals of Mad Max, because that’s what it will become when the government runs short of cash and begins rationing goods and services.

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