How to Have a Real Political Argument, 2017 Edition
Aaron Huertas

You make some interesting points, sadly you ignore others:

Calling your elected representatives: who largely listen and reply to you and if you read between the lines, tell you they know better…in the end, I have found they are profoundly stupid, because they only look at the short term, I am speaking of both parties. They represent themselves, not you, and at all levels they get away with it because the voters are too ignorant to realize they are not being given the whole picture.

And in the media, liberals and progressives should constantly be reminding their audiences about how to take action

Reading you own propaganda and ignoring the facts of situations as they develop is the hallmark of Progressives these days. Most of what is said is so out of context that there is no credibility…when Trump has a higher favorability rating than the combined rating of Congress and the Progressive Press where most people get their information, it is no wonder, that the facts do not agree with the propaganda…that destroys credibility and undermines whatever cause is being pursued.

Another thing you fail to mention is COSTS…BERNIE, HILLARY, OBAMA….THE COSTS OF THEIR PROGRAMS over the last 8 years cost most American Families close to $1800 per year in disposable income…as the other Clinton once said in an election, “It’s the Economy Stupid.” Knock on my door and that will be my first question, when do I get my money back that you have taken from me, that should have gone into my children and grand children’s college funds the last 8 years…I see illegals and refugees needed it more.

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