Trump Can’t Possibly Win Simply Because At Least 65% Of Americans Are Rational.
James M. Ridgway, Jr.

You must be familiar with the ‘Rational Man Theory’ as taught in management texts and other areas. What everyone but you seems to have missed is that they do not seem to exist in the real world.

Are you Rationally suggesting we put a criminally amoral person such as Hillary Clinton in charge of our country, who has NEVER left an organization better off for her having managed it or been part of it; the only thing ever better off is her bank account! Her management style is pure intimidation and all mistakes are turned into coverups.

So far the only person who has consistently identified problems in this Campaign correctly is Trump. Has he been perfect at solutions, NO. Is he willing to change the solution if he sees something better, YES. Does he have some integrity, Chapter 11, is not immoral, Hillary has a few bodies and some other items to explain.

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