Still not getting it.
Arturo Tha Cuban

You project on other people what you want to believe…no where have I said anything about law enforcement or criminality, strictly Financial and skill level, which you have totally avoided in your replies, for good reason, you are wrong. Do not paint me with your bigoted picture of White folks…that is an underlying theme of your post, just not overtly stated. I have said ZERO ABOUT CRIMINALITY….so why you have mentioned it in your first post and dwelled on it exclusively in your second post tells me you are devoid of a proper response to what I said by avoiding the economic issues…..the only place you get the BS you published on what somewhat skilled immigrants add to an economy is from the left wing macro economic Left. When one gets to the micro economic analysis done at the local level, towns and cities are going broke supporting low skilled immigrants with their services of which they receive little or nothing in return, the only thing keeping some afloat is the illegal use of Federal funds to support these mis-ventures or raising taxes on the rest of us.