First, you have problems with re-adding comprehension.
Avarielle Armstrong

You want the best solution to mass shooting, Eliminate Gun Free Zones; all but one mass murder in the US done with a gun since the 60's has been done in a GFZ. Better yet make the any public or private venue who does not want it’s patrons carrying, financially liable for their safety by providing significant and adequate armed guards[no Barney Fifes] to protect patrons as does the government for its employees like Congressmen. This would include universities where it would provide additional protection for females subject to assault by other students and outsiders. That is not more guns, just putting criminals on notice they are in jeaprody from everyone they see, including potential victims. That is a solution that will work. We have so many laws that are not currently enforced, more will do no good except help criminals. Even background checks are not that effective as in who is stupid enough to try and by a gunsmith a criminal record and certain stores routinely delay sales for no reason and make up their own rules, at which point they stop selling guns to most of us since we find them elsewhere at better prices anyway.

The government in its current state seems to have ulterior motives when dealing with guns, over 80% of the Congressmen protesting for gun legislation are gun owners and carriers..legislation for thee, but not for me, remember they live and carry in DC. All their laws will do nothing to restrict terrorists or psychos or criminals from getting guns, just the sane citizens; how does that make sense. If the FBI had done its job correctly and notified the locals of Mateen’s activities and past, I would wager the Orlando shooting would not have happened, but the Feds do not play well with others, that is why NYC has its own task force that operates outside NYC which annoys every Fed, NJ, and PA. Our current. President does not deploy resources well or fight terror or crime well, he uses a Third World mentality instead of an enlightened managerial mentality similar to the Isrealies [like them or not they are smart], they do not profile luggage, they profile people and have higher risk and less problems than us at their airports and at their schools. Would it make better sense to profile and watch 3 to 10 million people in the US, or do what Obama has the NSA doing…watching all of us, silly wasteful and nonproductive.

Lastly have an energy policy so we do not need oil from the Middle East and can thumb our nose at the Saudis and the rest and can take or leave their oil and if we choose, not be involved with their bigotry, hate, and megalomania that they so desire to propagate to the Western societies. In other words they do not need to send us their oil if we choose, nor do we need to pander to their cultural needs to the detriment or ours.

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